Yearly Archives: 2015

Yearly Archives: 2015

1: Delilah Draw-well

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In the summer of 1945 Delilah Draw-well jumped out of bed, eager to greet the day and enjoy the celebration of her 5th birthday. Among her gifts from her family and friends, she was delighted by a chalkboard and a box of colored chalks from her grandmother. Thus started her lifelong dream of being an artist.

Delilah spent endless hours alone drawing on her chalkboard that summer and daydreaming about starting kindergarten at Sierra Madre Elementary School in September. Once she started school, her favorite subject was art and she learned what she could from the art teacher and looked through all the books about famous artists that she could find in the school library. She knew then, that one day she would become an art teacher.

When Delilah graduated from art school, she was determined to share her love of all things creative with her beloved town. So, in 1960, she joined a group of like-minded art lovers and helped to bring a non-profit art center to Sierra Madre, Creative Arts Group!

Delilah fulfilled her lifelong ambition of teaching art classes to every child in Sierra Madre who wanted to learn!

Her passion for teaching art was so strong that even in death it could not be denied. Delilah’s body was gone but her bones remained, and even more importantly her passion remained. Delilah’s skeleton can be spotted at Creative Arts Group during the month of October, encouraging everyone she see’s to add to her communal chalkboard art installation.

So come on by, pick up a piece of chalk, and add your own bit of creativity to Delilah’s chalkboard!

Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick up a paper map and ballot at Creative Arts Group (108 N. Baldwin avenue)

2: Google Ghoul

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! WINNER:  BEST USE OF TECHNOLOGY BY A CHILD Hello, my name is Google Ghoul. I live in Sierra Madre and provide children of all ages NEVER ENDING entertainment and information on the Web. I only show up in October when the nights begin to get chilly and stay… Continue Reading

3: Daisie Mae & Emma Paige

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! WINNER:  ADULT CUTEST SCARECROW Daisie Mae and Emma Paige Passing values such as faith, family, honesty and community on to the next generation. This scarecrow can be found at 134 W. Grandview Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick… Continue Reading

4: Alli

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! Alli, a Creative Arts Group instructor helps Megan, a Sierra Madre student who is enjoying the ImaginArt Program of the Creative Arts Group. ImaginArt Program is funded by Creative Arts Group Alliance, Kiwanis Club of Sierra Madre, Sierra Madre Civic Club, Sierra Madre Community Foundation, The Spero Foundation… Continue Reading

5: No Noggin

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! Hold on to your hats this Halloween, ’cause No Noggin will try to kick off your hat! Years ago his pumpkin head was eaten by a deer, and now his hat won’t stay up. Every Halloween he looks for a new pumpkin head to fit his hat.. just… Continue Reading

6: Merman

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! WINNER:  BEST USE OF RECYCLED MATERIAL – MADE BY A FAMILY Everyone knows the urban legend where the scuba diver got scooped (ha ha) up by the helicopter and got dropped into the forest fire, only to be found by the authorities later burnt to extra crispy. Well… Continue Reading

8: Wolfie

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! Contrary to the Halloween Werewolf, Wolfie is a kind-hearted, friendly creature who enjoys knowing that Halloween is a festive time for all, especially for children. This scarecrow can be found at 185 Grove St. Sierra Madre, 91024. Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick… Continue Reading

Scarecrow 73: Ripped Torn

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! The unfortunate Rick Torm met his demise after many successful years of scaring crows away from Sierra Madre. The crows finally revolted. They surprised him and tore him to shreds .Locals now refer to him as Ripped Torn. Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map… Continue Reading

Scarecrow 65: Dr. I. Am Creepy

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! Dr. I. Am Creepy was tortured in his previous life as a scarecrow on a pumpkin patch in Idaho. He has taken up to destroying the lives of any pumpkin he encounters! Beware, if you are orange and short, he will surely get you!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa! Looking for more… Continue Reading

Scarecrow 81: Count Dracula by Sierra Madre Public Library

Click ‘Like’ to vote for this scarecrow! It is I, the Count, and it’s time to answer that fascinating question, what is the number of the day? Let’s count books at the Sierra Madre Public Library and find out? 1… 2… 3… Whoa, let’s keep going! 10,000, 20,000, 30,000… I’m going absolutely batty counting books.… Continue Reading