1: Delilah Draw-well

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In the summer of 1945 Delilah Draw-well jumped out of bed, eager to greet the day and enjoy the celebration of her 5th birthday. Among her gifts from her family and friends, she was delighted by a chalkboard and a box of colored chalks from her grandmother. Thus started her lifelong dream of being an artist.

Delilah spent endless hours alone drawing on her chalkboard that summer and daydreaming about starting kindergarten at Sierra Madre Elementary School in September. Once she started school, her favorite subject was art and she learned what she could from the art teacher and looked through all the books about famous artists that she could find in the school library. She knew then, that one day she would become an art teacher.

When Delilah graduated from art school, she was determined to share her love of all things creative with her beloved town. So, in 1960, she joined a group of like-minded art lovers and helped to bring a non-profit art center to Sierra Madre, Creative Arts Group!

Delilah fulfilled her lifelong ambition of teaching art classes to every child in Sierra Madre who wanted to learn!

Her passion for teaching art was so strong that even in death it could not be denied. Delilah’s body was gone but her bones remained, and even more importantly her passion remained. Delilah’s skeleton can be spotted at Creative Arts Group during the month of October, encouraging everyone she see’s to add to her communal chalkboard art installation.

So come on by, pick up a piece of chalk, and add your own bit of creativity to Delilah’s chalkboard!

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