16: Vincent Goh

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Vincent Goh was born in one of the last farmland areas located near the ocean. He was the only member in his family who wanted to work as a scarecrow.

Not too long after he began his duties as a scarecrow, his hair was becoming thinner because the crows at the property he was protecting were taking away the straws from his head.

Vincent decided to resign his job and travel to the mountains to get away from the crows. In the fall, he ended up in a picturesque city by the name of Sierra Madre.

Sierra Madre residents were so warm to Vincent, that, within few days from arriving there, Vincent made many good friends. Eventually his new friends realized that all Vincent wanted was to be the best scarecrow. Vincent new friends proposed that he use a broom to control the crows that were picking on his hair.

Few days after the conversation about the broom, Vincent found the courage to go back to his farmland to find another job as a scarecrow and, within few days, he started a new job.

So began Vincent displaying or using a red broom to get rid of the crows that were surrounding the fruits and vegetables plants that have been recently placed in the soil.

Every fall and for few days, Vincent returns to Sierra Madre to visit his friends who had the vision to help him to explore new horizons. Vincent and his friends share now the same conclusion: life is change, and embracing change empowers us to define our own destinies.

This scarecrow can be found at 322 W Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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