24: iScare

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iScare was the perfect scarecrow. He got excellent grades, kept his room clean, used his manners, and always kept the crows out of the fields that he guarded. He was such a great teenage scarecrow that his parents decided to buy him that iPad he always wanted. iScare was overjoyed and thanked his parents many times each and every day. He used his new tablet to search for tips on how to be a better scarecrow and to keep in touch with grandma and grandpa scarecrow living far away. However, as the days and weeks went by iScare spent more and more time on his tablet playing games, downloading music, watching YouTube and Vine videos, Instagraming, Snapchatting, Facetiming, etc………With iScare’s eyes firmly glued to his screen, his field has become the new favorite hang out for all the crows who regularly bring iTunes gift cards each time they visit. Fed up with the situation, iScare’s parents have officially changed their son’s name to iStare!

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