33: Dia and Noche

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Dia and Noche, are the former owner of this old Victorian farmhouse, in 1889, and his girlfriend, who the family did not like! When they were alive, their names were Abigail and Emil. The night Abigail and Emil were set to elope, they disappeared and never returned! Now, years after their certain death, their spirits have chosen to return to the old house, still to this day standing, and linger here; playing practical jokes on any new owners, their families and their friends! Abigail, only plays tricks during the day, so she has become known as Dia. Emil, prefers to haunt in the nighttime! That’s how he became known as Noche! The only time you see them together is at dusk and at dawn where day and night meet. Be careful if you are a visitor here, as Dia likes to take small things you leave out, like pens and earrings and move them, setting you in a frenzy to find them! Noche, on the other hand, likes to turn on and off the lights, bang things and make creepy sounds during the night! Sometimes, if you walk where he has just been, it’s cold and smells like a cigar! Dia, on the other hand, comes and goes without a trace! Legend has it that they died before they could actually elope and run away together and that they will only stop their crazy antics when the dawn, or dusk, of a single day, lingers long enough for them to marry. When that dawn or dusk arrives, their spirits will float happily away to the heavens. We don’t know if that’s true, but until then, if you are smart, you’ll keep a close eye on your belongings when you visit! And, don’t be afraid of a few bumps or howls in the night when you pass through this way!

This scarecrow can be found at 443 West Highland Ave. Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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