6: Merman

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Everyone knows the urban legend where the scuba diver got scooped (ha ha) up by the helicopter and got dropped into the forest fire, only to be found by the authorities later burnt to extra crispy. Well guess what, I’m here to tell you that its true. Thats right and I know because it happened to me.

I’m a merman, half octopus and half man, and I lived in the underwater city of, not Atlantis (you wish) but Cecaelia. I had a perfectly nice life fishing and gathering seashells to sell on the market later. One day six years ago I was out fishing in shallower waters due to sharks (yikes) in my normal area. I was just swimming around minding my own business, when out of nowhere a tube fell from the surface and sucked me right up.

I was confined to a dark, cramped place for what seemed like forever. The machine that carried me was loud and frightening, and combined with the perpetual blindness it was a terrifying experience. Then finally I as released and for one glorious moment I was completely free. And then I started to fall. As I spiraled towards the ground I saw vast mountains covered in flames. When I hit the earth I was knocked unconscious (a total K.O.) and afterwards told the rest. Apparently a family watching nearby saw me fall from the helicopter and tumble down the side of the mountain. They rushed to my aid and quickly understanding that I was no ordinary creature hid me and hurriedly took me home. They called a friend of theirs, a vet named Sarah, who with her lack of proper resources (you know, with fish-man parts being so hard to find and all), had to make due with the materials at the family’s house. She patched me up with spare parts from an old scarecrow, which thankfully merged well with my unique skin. They determined that since they had a pool it would be best to let me recover there rather then chuck me back into the ocean so soon after my accident. When I finally came around everything was explained, supposedly the nearby mountains had caught fire due to a spectacular drought and water was brought in from the ocean to douse the flames. Afterwards I was given time to heal properly and when I was deemed ready we left for the ocean. But we soon found that I had gotten too used to the chlorine in the pool and couldn’t breath in the ocean water anymore! The family kindly agreed to let me stay with them, I hope they know a merman’s lifespan is twice that of a human’s. Wish them luck they’re going to be stuck with me for awhile!!!

This scarecrow can be found at 191 Holdman Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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