64: Grimhilde

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Hi! My name is Queen Grimhilde. Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Snow White who tried to steal my boyfriend, the handsome Prince Charming. I was really mad so I tried to get rid of her by giving her a poisoned apple. Well…….she hung around with a group of seven snotty-nosed little rug rats previously known as the Seven Dwarfs. But that moniker is now politically incorrect. Anyway, they didn’t like the fact that I didn’t like Snow White. So, they lured me to the edge of a mountain top and off I fell into a rock-filled chasm chased by a screaming kettle of vultures. Everyone thought I was doomed. But those darling, satin-voiced birds of prey were really a part of my legion of devoted followers. They airlifted me to a quaint little village called Sierra Madre. I just love it here, especially at Halloween time! Won’t you come in for some Trick or Treat? Hope you like apples!!!

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