1. Emma, Ben and Sarah

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Emma and Ben were out in town with their mom, Sarah, one early September afternoon and they came across a black foam crow hanging from a tree with a message to come to Creative Arts Group for a treat!  Once they arrived, they were greeted and given a tasty reward for returning one of the crows.  Sarah had a great time looking around the gallery and learning about all of the art classes that Creative Arts Group has to offer the whole family. Emma and Ben had both been to Creative Arts Group through the Imagine Art program at their elementary school.  Emma made an amazing mask and Ben made a scary witch out of clay.   They both remembered how much they enjoyed coming there.  When Sarah found out that there were painting & drawing classes for Emma and ceramics classes for Ben, she signed them up.  Later that night, she and her husband, Ted, both decided to enroll in classes they had always wanted to take.  Sarah enrolled in a jewelry class and Ted signed up for a ceramics class.

Now, each quarter as they finish up their classes, they begin to think about what classes they would like to take next!

These scarecrows can be found at  108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick up a paper map and ballot at Creative Arts Group (108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA)