105. Mona Lisa

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WINNER! – Best Overall (Child)

Hi, I am the one and only Leonardo Da Vinci. I tried to paint Mona Lisa but she would not smile. I had to ask a lot of jesters to try and make her laugh. But none of them could make her smile. The next day I drew the background. Then I drew her body and face. But I was stuck on her smile! I asked some comedians if they could tell some jokes to make her laugh or smile. I was very frustrated and almost gave up.

I decided that I would finish the painting with my own interpretation of what her smile would look like. If she did not want to smile I would make a smile up for her. What you see here is what I came up with and is the original version of my famous painting, Mona Lisa. Everyone was so shocked and scared by her smile that I was forced to change it and what you see now in museums is really my second painting of her.

This scarecrow can be found at 96 E. Alegria Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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