21. Ohana

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WINNER! – Best Story (Business/Organization)

Ohana the Scarecrow’s Island Adventure At Tara-Waikiki Island, in a small town called Sierra Maui, there lived a young girl named Ohana.  Ohana was no ordinary villager; she was a scarecrow with a special gift of magic. She could bring pumpkins to life, turn pineapples into the most delicious desserts, make candy appear out of nowhere and make black cats do the hula. One day, Ohana decided that she would like to use her special talent and skills and open up her own pineapple luau business. She went to the towns most famous talking sand turtles; Inga and Tata, and asked for advice on where to start. They told her to seek out Madam Liz, the islands coordinator, to help put together a crew that would help her journey through the fierce Waikiki jungle to find all the pumpkins, pineapples, and black cats that they could find. With Madam Liz’s help, Ohana made friends with the islands favorite beach bar brothers, Matoee and Juju and the pineapple dancing goddess’s: Nicolili, Jessa, Lex, and Jennifafa, and together they set out to find their treasures.

They journeyed through the night, seeking out there objects one by one. It was in the dark caves of wonder, where they came upon a group of frisky black cats. Hidden among the bushes, the sneaky snakes, bugs and wildlife, were the hundreds of pineapples that the goddesses’ gathered and bagged. Pumpkins were the only treasures left to be found. The crew searched deeper into the jungle and days went by. They began to worry that they would never get there pumpkins and be able to start the business. Ohana went to the sand turtles again, asking for their help. Below is what they prophesized.

With your wise Madam Liz, beach brothers, pineapple dancing goddess’s, black cats and pineapples, build your luau big and tall, and decorate it with the flowers, coconuts and seashells of our land. Turn all those pineapples into delicious desserts and make those black cats do the hula dance. Lastly and most importantly, use your magic to make candy and treats to fill a village worth. For on the night of October 31st, a “Hawaiian Hollow’s Eve” will take place and all the kids and sierra villagers will come and want to collect your candy, eat your magnificent pineapple desserts, watch those hula dancing cats, and will be dazzled with your crew. And on this night, their spirit and your magic will bring life to all the surrounding pumpkins on the island. All the pumpkins will light up with glee in celebration of your new business.

Ohana and her crew built and prepared for the big celebration of her business opening on October 31st. And just as the sand turtles predicted, the kids and villagers came, they collected their candy, enjoyed Ohana’s pineapples, dancing cats and crew, and all the islands pumpkins lit up the sky in celebration of Ohana’s big night. Happy Hawaiian Hollow’s Eve!

This scarecrow can be found at  52 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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