56. Mummy of the Moon

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WINNER! – Out of this world Award (Child)

Once there was a king, he had the power to control the moon.

He had a butler, the butler wanted the power to control the moon. But the only way to do that was to get the king into the light. The light will suck out The Kings power. The king could only stay in the shade. The butler had a plan to get him into the sun. He told the king that there was a buffet . So he got the king into a room that was painted like the light. The butler thought it was actually light. It was just paint to look like light.

Spikes popped up from the ground and tripped the king into the mummify pit. The butler accidentally mummified him and then he ran towards him. He wanted to try to get him back in the sun, but the spikes killed him. So now the king who turned into the Mummy of the Moon uses the moon for evil now because the butler betrayed him. So he’s angry now. THE END💀

This scarecrow can be found at  108 N. Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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