58. Vivian

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WINNER! – Best Story (Child)

Every year, my family and I take a road trip. Last winter we all rode motorcycles to Ice Cream Island. Greeting us on the island was a stranger who I will never forget. She had rainbow colored hair and a floppy pink hat. I could immediately tell that she loved flowers because she was wearing them from head to toe. I remember she smelled like candy.

The first thing she said was “Howdy, stranger! I’m Vivian…Vivian the Scarecrow. Y’all look like y’all not from around here. Shall I fill yer in?”
“Sure!” said Mom and Dad in a synchronized way.
“Well, there is gonna be a cotton candy tornado.”
“WHAT!” Mom and Dad said.
“There can’t be!” I said.
“I know!” said my sister, “We can bring Vivian home!”
“Well I don’t kn…”
“SURE!” said Vivian, cutting off my Mom.
“Oh yeah. Like we can totally bring her home on one of our motorcycles,” said my dad sarcastically…. “No, we can’t!” he said.
“Ohh ahhh ohh whyyy nooo!!!” said everyone. Everyone started to cry… “Whyyy…sniff, sniff…well, I guess it’s good-bye,” said my sister.
“Wait! I have a truck you know,” said Vivian.
“OH!” said me, my sister, my mom and my dad.
Everyone started to laugh. A few minutes later, it was sundown. We started to get onto our vehicles as while in the far distance, I saw something big…something pink…and something….it’s a cotton candy tornado!!!
Vivian said, “I know! How about y’all put your motorcycles on the back of my truck and let’s get outta here!”
During the car ride, Dad asked Vivian what she likes to do during her free time.
Vivian said, “Y’all know I love to farm, right?”
“Huh??” said everyone.
Then my sister said, “Is that why you put a hoe, planting soil, 5 packets of flower seeds, an “I HEART GARDENING” flag and a hose in the back of the truck?”
“Huh??” said everyone again.
“Vivian giggled a little and said, “Yes, that’s exactly why.” Everyone laughed a little.
“I didn’t know that about you,” I said.
“Well, I am gonna miss my old garden,” sighed Vivian.
“It’s OK, you can use ours!” I said.
“Yeah!” agreed my sister.
And that’s the story of how we met Vivian and how we became best friends.

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