62. Farmer Leo and his crop of giraffes

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WINNER! – Best Traditional Scarecrow (Family)

Southern California’s long lasting drought had taken its toll on poor old avocado farmer, Leonardo G. Raffe (known locally as Farmer Leo). With his modest crop eaten by a pack of gray foxes, Farmer Leo needed to think outside the box to turn a profit for the season. He remembered that he had Giraffe seeds given to him by his father Raphael Gordon Raffe, who was a famous magician who spent his later years taking care of retired zoo animals. Given the recent shortage of giraffes and their declining population, especially since the species was recently discovered to be four different species, Farmer Leo decided to plant the seeds, and satisfy the world’s need for more giraffes and his own need to stay in business. Thus began Farmer Leo’s Giraffe Farm!

This scarecrow can be found at  31 E. Highland Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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