74. The Ghost of Lizzie

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WINNER! – Best Representation of Sierra Madre (Business/Organization)

“They say Old Lizzie’s dead and gone,
But on Halloween Eve her spirit lives on.
No one ever had a friend as dear, nor as jovial as she.
She made her home among the foothills here,
Keeping house and keeping secrets,
At her Inn upon the Trail.
She served up moonshine next to supper,
With mirth and laughter on the side.
Herself an immigrant, a pioneer,
She welcomed all with open arms.
“”Congenial”” they say, “”with a twinkle in her eye.””
None in this village
Could ever resist her charms.
And now when Harvest comes around,
And thousands come to see,
She smiles with pride at her little town,
Which is so much her legacy.

written by : Christa Backstrom
(The Spirit of Sierra Madre)

This scarecrows can be found at  167 E. Mira Monte Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick up a paper map and ballot at Creative Arts Group (108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA)