80. Root Dude

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WINNER! – Best Connection between Scarecrow and Story (Family)

“There was once a man that was never really nice. He had brown evil eyes. No one really new his name and frankly no one cared that much either. He was wealthy and greedy. When ever anyone gave him a complement he always chased them away. Then one day he went to a garden not one person wanted anything to do with him so he went on his own. He got lost in the potato and corn field and it started to rain, all the roots came out of the ground and strangled him to death. The news of his death toke a while to come to the town, when the people found out no one cared that much when he was calling for help. A few people heard him but didn’t help. He was dead and no one cared, because of all his negativity some people were relieved that they didn’t have to deal with him anymore. One night it was the full moon and everyone went into his or hers bed happy that he was gone, but then at 2:43 A.M there was a noise so loud everyone woke up and looked out there window and there they saw a man covered in roots, leaves, and dirt. He was just standing in the middle of the courtyard. His brown eyes seem to be staring into there soul and giving them the chills. His hands were in a fist and he had no shoes so you can see his toes were squeezing them in. his cloths were ripped and have roots and vines coming out of every rip his clothing had. he stood in the night, still with no movement not even a blink, it was the most silent place you would ever hear, you could not hear a bug not a croak, all you could hear are the mosquitoes drinking the warm blood of the innocent children. All of a sudden at the crack of dawn he was gone, the people blinked and when they opened there heavy eyelids he was gone with no trace of him being there. The day went normal it was only the night he would appear and then disappear every night, but every night would just slightly change, the way it changed is he got slightly closer to each house. One night he was right out side of a very kind 27 year old woman’s house, she was poor and she was the one who always gave him very kind complements. That night she was killed her blood splattered in a scary pattern on the crumbling wall that she wiped down every day until then. That day on the scary man moved on to different houses killing other kind towns people one by one leaving the same strange blood pattern on the wall. Weeks later only 2 houses left with living humans inside terrified for there lives as they should be, locked in there houses starting to starve. The two people left John and willow called him root dude. after they got to the point of starvation they let out a loud scream and root dude came in and killed them leaving with the same pattern on the walls. Its been 10 years since the root dude came and killed everyone in the town, and a group of scientists came to take a look at the place, they saw the cold dried blood on the crumbling wall in a pattern, they saw a connect the dots game on all the walls and when they put it all together it said, “”My name is Baka.”” They studied it for hours and then they found out that Baka means Demon from Haiti that comes as a returner to earth to eat human flesh.
The End.”

This scarecrows can be found at  135 East Laurel Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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