90. Demeter

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WINNER!  Most Artistic (Adult)

Demeter brings with her the process of transformation in the cycles of life and death represented in the change of seasons.  She has brought me back to life in my process of grieving for my father.  She has provided nurturance from the earth and life in the abundance of the harvest.  Sierra Madre embodies the Great Mother Archetype in her name that translates to “Mother Mountain”.  My recent move to this area has brought me into a new season of growth and life that I am truly grateful for. I dedicate this creative art piece to my late father, Moises Rodriguez, who taught me the importance of connecting and communing with nature.  I also thank Jacqueline Pinn for her creative support in the process of bringing Demeter to life!!!

This scarecrow can be found at  180 N. Mountain Trail Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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