#100 The saga of Crow and Scarecrow continues…

Best Continuing Saga (Adult)

The Saga of Crow and Scarecrow Continues…

Well, it seems as though the friendship between Crow and Scarecrow didn’t last very long. Now that Farmer has started growing GMO corn, he has become quite wealthy. Since Scarecrow is his brother-in-law, he decided that it would be in the best family interest to give scarecrow a big raise. Now that Scarecrow is making a large salary, he has been riding around the cornfield dressed in a fancy suit. This angered Crow. He felt that Scarecrow was flaunting his new wealth. He retaliated by raiding the corn fields with a vengeance. This was not good for Crow. He developed side effects such as growing a third eye and a nervous disorder. Scarecrow is now very angry at Crow. Everyone is now anxiously awaiting the next chapter in this continuing story.

by Greg and Sherri Terhorst

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This scarecrow can be found at 246 E Montecito Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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