#13 Mr. Lightning

Best Story (Child)

Once upon a time there was a kid named Bill but everyone called him Mr. Lightning because he was the fastest runner in Sierra Madre. He was the fastest runner in his city because he started running when he was a baby scarecrow. But then when he was running there was a bad earthquake. And then Bill said oh no its raining concrete (because he didn’t know it was an earthquake). So, concrete blocks chopped off his arms. He had to go to the hospital but he didn’t get new arms. So that’s why he is armless, oh yeah and his foot fell off from running so fast. But now he can’t run because he lost his feet and shoes so thats why he’s standing right there on Baldwin Ave asking all the people who pass by, “have you seen my feet? and arms?”, “would you like to give me your arms? or feet?”

By Gabriel Wong

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This scarecrow can be found in the front grass of  181 N. Baldwin Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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