#38 Catrina & Diego De Los Muertos

Meet Catrina and Diego De Los Muertos, spirit guides to the Great Beyond! While Death eventually comes for everyone, once a year we can welcome back our dearly departed by building an altar called an ofrenda and laying out a path of marigolds to lead them home. In some parts of Mexico it is believed that the migrating Monarch butterflies are actually your loved ones returning for their yearly visit.

Do you have a loved one you’d like to remember? We invite you to build your own altar or place a picture of someone you care about on ours.

For the best effect, come see us at night!

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This scarecrow can be found at  45 W Highland Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick up a paper map and ballot at Creative Arts Group (108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA)