#40 Super Mario

Best Depiction of a Video Game Character (1st Place – Child)

Hi, my name is Mario! I am a plumber. I have a brother named Luigi. My favorite color is red. Luigi’s favorite color is green. But, that’s enough about Luigi, because you know, after all, this story is about me. So my life time story is: when I started my job as a plumber, me and Luigi went to this house. When we were working the bathtub started to drain and suck really hard and we got pulled in and went to a legendary world. There were princesses and mushroom people and things called koopas. But there was this really mean koopa named Bowser. Also there was a really lovely princess named Peach. Finally there were two friends named Yoshi the dinosaur and Toad the mushroom person. Princess Peach was caught by Bowser and he took her to Sierra Madre. That is why I am here; so I can save Princess Peach. Have you seen her?

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This scarecrow can be found at  47 E. Highland Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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