#41 Tiffany Kiki Welsh

Most Humorous Story (Child)

Tiffany’s Trouble

Hello! My name ees Tiffany. I was born een Parees, France and am steel a citizen. I love to dance and make art and study deeferent places. I also love French bagetts. I have a poodle named Shimmer and a French bulldog named Michael. I am kind, friendlee, creative, hard-workeeng, and fun. So as I was sayeeng, I love to studee deeferent places, so I was takeeng a trip to Egypt. The plane crash landed into Sierra Madre!!! Theese were the onlee clothes I had, so even though I am hot, I am wearing them. Pleeease vote for mee so I can use my prize monee to get to Egypt. Merci!

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This scarecrow can be found in the front grass of  47 E. Highland Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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