#45 Conductor Lenner

Best Story Brought to Life (Family)

One day, Conductor Lenner was waiting for his train to come by so he could switch places with Conductor Bobby. It was only his 45th time conducting the train. He was so excited. After two trains came by it was his train that came next. The first thing he said to the all the passengers was “ALL ABOARD! I am going to be your new conductor. If you need anything just call out my name which is Lenner”.

Right when they had started moving, Lenner had to stop the train because someone called his name. They said that they wanted to hurt Lenner. Lenner was so confused that he looked back to the front row to see who had called him. It was the evilest villain in the country. His name was Paralyze-Shrink. He always wins because, first he paralyzes all the people he his fighting by using his evil wand, and then he shrinks all their stuff to be able to fit in his sack.

Conductor Lenner ran out of the train before Paralyze-Shrink could get him. The problem was that he couldn’t run very fast and the villain’s wand could reach far distances. The second he thought he had lost Paralyze-Shrink he froze looking at his train he was just conducting. Then a second after that he saw his only train shrink, and Paralyze-Shrink disappeared.

Lenner was half happy and half sad. He was happy because the evil villain didn’t take his train but he was sad because he was now a scarecrow. He now scares all the crows away from the once GIANT train. Since that moment of Conductor Lenner’s life he has lived happily-ever-after as a scarecrow.

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