#53 Fred “Sierra Madre” Dobbs

Most Humorous (Family)

On a balmy fall day in 1948, Fred Dobbs and Bob Curtin continue their adventure in search of the “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. While hiking towards Bailey Canyon, they accidentally turn off Grove onto Fairview where they stumble upon the abandoned set of “One Million B.C.” (not to be confused with the Raquel Welch classic “One Million YEARS B.C.”—that’s next year’s entry).

The treasure they are looking for turns out to be guarded by none other than MacGillacuddy “Rexie” Smith. Well, chaos ensues, Curtin decides he doesn’t want it to be “curtains” for him so he runs across the street to Ron and Jean’s place. Dobbs, without the protection of his trusty sidekick, hightails it up the closest tree with Rexie nipping at his behind. How will the dynamic duo emerge victorious with the true “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”—a ribbon in the annual scarecrow contest? It’s up to you! Happy adventuring!

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This scarecrow can be found at  535 Fairview Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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