#7 Scarecrow from the Wiz

We have have all heard the magical story of the Wizard of Oz. When little Dorothy was swept away to the land OZ from a little house in Kansas.

There is a second story of the land of OZ called the “Wiz”, and by happenstance the Golden Brick Road that leads to OZ can be found right here in Sierra Madre! So why don’t you “Ease on Down” to 165 N Sunnyside Ave and get swept away. And remember, to return just click your heals together three times and say “There’s no place like Sierra Madre”.

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This scarecrow can be found at 165 N Sunnyside Ave, Sierra Madre, CA

Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick up a paper map and ballot at Creative Arts Group (108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA)