#79 Ash Ketchum

Creative Writing Award (Child)

One day, I woke up and heard loud yelling coming from my house’s front yard. I went out and investigated what was going on. When I opened my front door I was astounded to see a boy wearing familiar clothing. He turned around and I was even more shocked to see that he was Ash Ketchum, main character of my favorite t.v show, Pokemon! I asked him why he was in my front yard yelling. He replied with “I’m trying to catch this Jigglypuff!” I also asked how he got to be in my front yard.

Ash told me a long and ridiculous story. I know no matter how long and ridiculous this story is you will want to hear it and I will tell it for you. One day, in the Pokemon world Ash was walking around a forest with his best friend Pikachu. They were bored. Then they heard a faint rustle. Ash and Pikachu traced it to a patch of bushes. Then a pokemon Ash had never seen before emerged from the bushes. He scanned it with his pokedex. The pokedex said this pokemon was Jigglypuff. Ash wanted to catch it. He observed Jigglypuff for several hours. The pokemon seemed more domesticated than wild. It stopped for coffee, went to the park and even a went to a movie!

Once the Jigglypuff noticed that it was being spied on it was very mad. It ran in the opposite direction, away from Ash. He ran after it. Jigglypuff ran into a cave. Jigglypuff was good at evading Ash. Then, Ash came running at Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff had no choice to but jump into a magical portal. Ash jumped into it too.

Ash and Jigglypuff were teleported to our world. In the portal Ash heard a voice. It said that in order to go back to his dimension he had to catch Jigglypuff. I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I guess Ash will be stuck in our dimension for a while.

The End

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