#87 Spanokapita Crows and Corfu King Ke-Bob

Best Story (Business)

In the drought of ’07 the San Gabriel Valley was invaded by the deadly Spanokapita crow. Traveling in flocks numbering as many as 857 the Spanokapita crows, hailing from the Mediterranean, wiped out 80% of the rare hummus plants in Sierra Madre. The American pest control industry was powerless to stop the menacing Spanokapita crow. Desperate for a solution, then Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa convened an emergency city-wide meeting held at Dodger Stadium. 50,000 Angelenos filled the stadium panicked and desperate for a solution to the pending devastation. Not a soul came forward. Finally a little old lady using her walker, made her way from second base to the microphone at home plate. She identified herself as Mrs. Clara Johnsonian, originally from Beirut, Lebanon. She remembered a man who successfully rid Lebanon of the dreaded Spanokapita crow. He became a living legend known and adored by millions affectionately as the Viken of Satamia. This fearless ornithological assassin talked 3,517 Spanokapita crows into leaving Lebanon never to return. His secret? A scarecrow from the island of Corfu in the Mediterranean. The scarecrow’s face bore a striking likeness to the hideous faced King of Corfu. The King’s name was Bob. To this day all the farmers on the island of Corfu use the scarecrow that bears the uncanny resemblance of King Bob. They call the scarecrow Corfu King Bob, or Corfu Ke-Bob for short

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This scarecrow can be found at  48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA 91024

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