#94 Bluebell

Best Combination of Story & Scarecrow (Child)

Each month, on the night of the full moon, a fairy named Bluebell comes to visit our home. She sleeps in a tiny house on our porch and often leaves little notes and trinkets behind, some of which we believe to have magical properties. Although we can’t be sure exactly what Bluebell looks like, she has inspired our children’s scarecrow, and we hope she will enjoy seeing it on her next visit!

Our 7 year-old daughter, Violet, wrote the following poem to accompany our fairy scarecrow:

When I was walking,
I saw a fairy
She said “I’d like a big berry and some milk from a dairy”
I got her some fairy-dairy milk, and a big berry that was red
I said:
“Bye” with my cat as the fairy flew free
Into the tree.

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This scarecrow can be found at 179 East Montecito Avenue

Looking for more scarecrows?  Find them on our online map or pick up a paper map and ballot at Creative Arts Group (108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA)