Opening night

Friday, November 3 from 7-9 p.m.
This is always a festive kick-off to the show with refreshments and live music.
This year, Steven Rushingwind, a 2 Time NAMMY Award Winner and IMA “Entertainer of the Year” Finalist, will be performing.

We will be featuring the work of over 60 artists, including Pete Morris, the “Metro da Vinci”, who will be demonstrating his work all throughout the weekend.
The show is held at Creative Arts Group, 108 N. Baldwin Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024.

Show hours are Friday, November 3, 7-9 p.m.
Saturday, November 4, 10-5 p.m.
Sunday, November 5, 11-4 p.m.


Participating Artists

Lisa Agaran  Mixed Media Art
Melinda Alexander  Jewelry
Patricia Barron  Paper
Rachael Brecher  Jewelry
Jon Bush  Blown glass
Tracy Chamberlin  Ceramics
Alexandra Corrin  Ceramics
Joanna Craft  Jewelry
Julie Crouch  Watercolor & Mixed Media
Ka Fung Cyrus  Jewelry
Wendy DeLeon Ceramics
Rick Drobner Ceramics
Mike Dukes Paintings & Drawings
Rebecca Edelman Ceramics
Kristen Erickson  Ceramics
Joan Gamberg Ceramics
Kim Hau  Pottery
Lynn Hendricks  Ceramics
Kathryn Herrman  Fiber
Alan Jones Enameling
Beverly Jones  Jewelry
Sharon Kaplan  Enamel Jewelry
Suzanne Kustner  Enameling
Jeanne Lavieri Ceramics
Michelle Loon  Jewelry
D.B. Louie Ceramics
Rosina Maize  Oil painting
Margorie Mannos Ceramics
Sue Matz  Jewelry
Vicki Mathieu  Enameling
Dawn Mendelson  Mosaic
John Meyer Jewelry Sculpture
Pete Morris  Watercolor
Kimberly Nicholson  Jewelry
Bill O’Connor  Oil Paintings
Jo Ann Page  Handmade Leather
Kellyn Palmisano Fused Glass Jewelry
Jolana Pineda Ceramics & Succulents
Detra Prete Paper and Resin Jewelry & Ornaments
Cathy Reichel-Clark  Ceramics
2 Roses Jewelry
Ken Roussin  Enameling
Brenda Salamone  Abstract Paintings
Jeannine Savedra   Oil and Watercolor
Debbie Schweiner  Ceramics
Anne Sears Ceramics
Marilyn Sell Enamel
Anette Shafrazian  Ceramics
Bonnie Smith   Jewelry
Kathleen Swaydan  Watercolor and Pencil
Sam Tayag-Gamboa  Plein Air Landscapes
Wendy Thoreson  Ceramics
Arella Tomlinson  Mixed Media Art
Jim Turner  Assemblage & Furniture
Pearl Tyree  Enameling
Lilia Venier  Ceramics
Mary Veselich  Ceramics
Dominique Vialar  Wearable Art & Jackets
Rhea Vittal  Hand painted silk scarves
Francis Wang  Abstract Paintings
D. Lester Williams  Metal Sculpture
Karen Winters  Oil Paintings
Soozee Van Dyke Woods  Ceramics
Anthe Wosczyna  Jewelry