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Anne Bonney's Ghost

The Buccaneer Lounge

70 W Sierra Madre Blvd.

Anne Bonney's Ghost


The ghost of Anne Bonney is spotted arriving at The Buccaneer Lounge! Unbeknownst to its unsuspecting patrons, she plans to spend this hallowed season inside, reveling in the stories of fellow swashbucklers over tankards of grog! Once an infamous, real-life pirate in the 1700’s, Bonney had left behind the female stereotypes for adventure on the high seas! She fought alongside the strongest of men in capturing other ships and had a penchant for visiting local taverns in the ports. Today, she arrives via her ship, The Fraser, at The Buccaneer, to ghostly linger amid the beautiful 1960 Frank Bowers paintings, where she herself is featured on the wall from the Golden Age of Piracy, alive and well!
ALL ABOARD! Happy Halloween from The Buccaneer and its pirates!

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