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Corpse Bride

33 S Lima St.

Corpse Bride


Emily had been a budding bride but found herself the victim of treachery on the part of her intended. She was brutally murdered on her wedding day for her family’s wealth. This left her spirit tormented and living in the land of the dead.

One day, a rather nervous and uncertain (and alive!) prospective groom was wandering through the forest rehearsing his lines for his own pending nuptials when he inadvertently slipped a ring onto an outstretched hand, protruding from a grave, which he mistook for a tree branch. This brought the slumbering (corpse) bride to “life” as she accepted what she took to be his proposal.

Unfortunately, the union of these two was not to be as it was determined the groom would have to also be dead in order to marry Emily. While initially agreeable, the bride ultimately felt as though this was too much to ask of him and set him free. In a twist of fate, however, it was learned Emily’s murderer had similar designs on the groom’s living fiancee, and he ultimately met his fate at the hands of the occupants of the land of the dead.

This freed Emily’s spirit of her torment, and she was able to move on to a better place, which is how she ended up here, in Sierra Madre! Emily is still looking for a groom and can sometimes be seen roaming the Pioneer Cemetery during moonlit nights.

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