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Chip the Bear Crow


500 N Baldwin Ave.

Chip the Bear Crow


Our Scary Chip the Bear Crow is modeled after our neighborhood (Baldwin/Carter) bear. We have named our neighborhood bear, Chip. Chip was given his/her name after he or she enjoyed a bag of chips left unattended by our house painters. Our house painters were on their lunch break and noticed that their bag of chips (left unattended in our carport) were wet and slimy. Upon noticing the slim on their bag of chips, one painter turned around and Chip the Bear was about ten feet away looking at the bag of chips an staring down the painters. The painters dropped their bags of chips, ran inside our house and Chip took the bag of chips for his lunch/snack. After that bear encounter, we had to give the bear a name and since his/her slobber was all over the bag of chips, we named him/her Chip. We see Chip all of the time. Hopefully we won't have too many close encounters with Chip again and we definitely will not leave anymore people food unattended at our house. Enjoy our Chip the Scary Bear Crow.

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