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The Legend of Charlotte Green

Sierra Madre, CA

The Legend of Charlotte Green


The Legend of Charlotte Green

Charlotte Green was a little girl, no different than you and me. In 1896, she lived in a beautiful manor home with her parents, and she was always happy. However, when she was seven years old, her life took a turn for the worst, when her parents died in a horrific carriage accident. With no other family to care for her, she was left with her evil aunt and uncle. They treated her terribly and she often retreated away to the Hill Wood graveyard to mourn her deceased parents and cry about how her aunt and uncle treated her. This went on for months. When her eighth birthday arrived, no one acknowledged it and Charlotte’s uncle treated her especially badly. At ten that night, she ran to her parents’ graveside and wept. She cried until one minute before midnight, when she finally made her birthday wish: “I wish to stay here forever, where no one can ever hurt me again.” With that, the old church bell began to toll in the distance, and with each chime the little girl became more a part of the graveyard, until it had claimed her completely.

Now, if you ever visit the graveyard, you might hear the faint sound of a child crying. Those brave enough to visit at midnight say they’ve seen a small figure with branches for arms, and ivy covering it, kneeling in front of two graves.

Story by CB, 12 years

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