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Sierra Madre, CA



Cartoon Network’s beloved animated miniseries, Over the Garden Wall, is full of strange, mysterious, and fantastical characters. In episode two, Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee, the miniseries introduces the character Enoch, the caretaker and mayor of the beloved Pottsfield town. Pottsfield is a peculiar but quiet farm-town nestled amongst fields of stover and straw. It is inhabited by the lively spirits of the pumpkin folk, who are revealed later in the series to be living skeletons underneath their pumpkin attire. This makes Enoch the keeper of the undead or so to speak. At first, his tremendous height, eerie grin, and jarring eyes may be daunting to a stranger, but fear not! Enoch is a wise, witty fellow who loves to crack jokes, sing, and throw parties to celebrate the town’s successful harvests. Enoch has a heart of gold and wants nothing more than the best for the people of Pottsfield.

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