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Halloween III Trick-or-Treater

70 W Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA 91024, USA

The Buccaneer Lounge


This innocent young lad is heading out into the 1982 evening to collect candy, anxious to return home to his television to watch the big Silver Shamrock giveaway at 9:00! Will he win? Is something more sinister at work? And if so, can it be stopped in time to save our friend?
The Buccaneer Lounge welcomes super-fans of John Carpenter’s “Halloween” franchise movies year-round, as a significant scene from “Halloween III: Season of the Witch” was filmed inside the bar! Carpenter’s 80’s “Halloween” films, and others such as “The Fog,” feature scenes filmed throughout our quaint village, including Kersting Court, Pioneer Cemetery and Church of the Ascension.
This year’s “Halloween III Trick-or-Treater” is in celebration of the “Halloween: 45 Years of Terror” convention being held in Pasadena this month, during which countless fans will visit our hometown’s movie set!

Vote by noon on 10/24 in person at Creative Arts Group, or on

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