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Kailani Madre

187 Lowell Ave.

Kailani Madre


Kailani Madre (Hawaiian for “Sea and Sky Mother”) enchants us, captures our imagination, and leads us back to that child-like feeling of gliding through the water and running through the sand. Hawaiians believe there is a balance between ocean and land. Kailani watches the sun rise and set everyday on our Pacific Ocean—balancing its calm rhythms with its raw power and protecting us as we need to protect her. In traditional times, the ocean and its marine life were as well known as those of the land. This intimate relationship with nature is now what we think of as sustainability.

Like her sister Mariposa Madre, who guides our butterflies along our California coast, Kailani needs your help to keep the balance. Jacques Costeau said, “People protect what they love.” Show our ocean's some love and demand plastic free alternatives, eat sustainable seafood, and when you visit the beach leave nothing but memories behind.

Vote by noon on 10/27 in person at Creative Arts Group, or on

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