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paintbrushes on wall sierra madre over 50 years non profit


Patrons of the arts

Angeles Crest Art Guild
Robert Baderian / In memory of Pat Baderian
Antonio Bernardo and Karen Van Nuys  /  In memory of Rocio Ribero 
The Burns Family /  In memory of Jim Burns
City of Sierra Madre
Creative Arts Group Alliance
Sean Dennison
Nancy Dorn
Gina Frierman-Hunt
Foothill HomeCare Partners
Jan Greteman and Alan Raxter 
W. Mark Hafeman
Patty and Jack Heather
Christine Helppie-Soldate
Jill and Patrick Holland
Joanna Liang
Sarah Livingstone
Jane and Dave Lundegard
Vicki and Pierre Mathieu
Pasadena Arts League
Pasadena Community Foundation
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation
Jacquie and Joe Pergola
Jacki and Dave Raymond 
The Richter Family Foundation
Bingo and Gino Roncelli
Loren Sanladerer / In memory of Barbara Sanladerer
Friends and Family of Rocio Ribero /  In memory of Rocio Ribero
Karen Seabrook and S. Mark Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Dave L. Sell
George M Sonneborn MD
Sierra Madre Civic Club
Sierra Madre Community Foundation
Kim and Paul Totten
Trader Joe’s 
Marcia Brady Tucker Foundation
Nick and Elizabeth Tucker
Yoshiko Tuttle
Pearl and Vance Tyree

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