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Art in Bloom

The Creative Arts Group community was very excited for the return of Art in Bloom in 2022, an art exhibition pairing the community’s finest floral designers with work from our most talented artists. Designers chose a work of art and then designed floral arrangements to interpret and complement the piece.  

Art in Bloom has been moved to a biennial schedule, and will be in March 2025.

Art in Bloom 2023

Friday, March 3 - Opening night 7 - 9 pm

Saturday, March 4 - 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday, March 5 - 11 am - 4 pm

Floral Designers

Judith Brandley | Leonora Moss
Tillie Burke | Southern Roots
Elizabeth Butterfield 
Lisa Cardella | Ixora Floral Studio
Ildiko Choy | Studio Ildiko
Jill Forder | Leonora Moss
Heidi Higgins | Jacob Maarse 
Aleah Holakoui | a la carte
Margit Holakoui | Florist
David Navarro | CJ Matsumoto and Sons
Marianne Siberell | Leonora Moss
Lorie Westmoreland | Leonora Moss


Carolyn Ash
Mary Cheung
Michael Falzone
Mitsuko Hays
Suzanne Kustner
Martha LeDuc
Ola May
Pete Morris
Victor Picou
Harriet Sherry
Elizabeth Tucker
Mark Verrillo
Kait Walsh


ceramic octopus underwater garden
3 peacocks and bird of paradise floral
floor to ceiling floral and abstract
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