ImaginArt is a program of art classes that challenges the creativity and imagination of first through fifth grade students from Sierra Madre Elementary School with projects that meet the California Visual Arts Framework as well as the Social Science Framework and the Common Core.

The children walk to the art center for classes during their school day. The classes are primarily ceramic based, with each grade level building on the previous year’s ceramic knowledge. Using the story “How the Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots” as inspiration, second-grade students will construct an imaginary bird. The lesson will include discussion about camouflage in nature. It has become a much anticipated tradition for the third grade students to create ceramic witches and upon returning to the classroom they will write an autobiography of their witch. They will study the cultural context of Halloween and the world of the imaginary.  These art experiences are made possible through grants and donations from local service groups and foundations.

The following organizations provided funding in part for the 2016-17 ImaginArt program: