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Palette painting life drawing from observation

About Creative Arts Group

Founded in Sierra Madre in 1960, Creative Arts Group (CAG) is a nonprofit art center providing a friendly and nurturing environment for all. Bringing together the richness of our diverse community through programs, exhibitions, workshops, and events, CAG provides a means for discovering creative self-expression and developing an understanding and appreciation of others through the arts.

Creative Arts Group is a vital, energetic art center and gallery attracting more than 2,000 students annually from Sierra Madre and beyond (our digital students come from all over the world!).

Creative Arts Group aims to enrich the lives of individuals through the arts—a place where children and adults come to experience the joy of creating art as well as to appreciate the artistic talents of others


Become a member  to support our mission and receive discounts on classes year round. We also have many opportunities for volunteering and are grateful for the community of people who make Creative Arts Group what it is.

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