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Creative Arts Group Holiday Gallery

November 4- January 13, 2024

 Art Festival artists' work remains in the gallery through the holiday season.

Stop by to find a unique gift.


Monday–Friday:  10am–5pm

Saturday:  10am–2pm

Open December 20, 21, 22 and 23 10-2 and Closed from December 24- January 3

All proceeds from the sale of items in the gallery go directly back to funding the programs offered by Creative Arts Group, which reaches more than 2000 adults and children each year.

2 Roses

Deb Barbour

Cyndi Bemel

Alyson Brandes

 Jon Bush

Hannah Cassell

 Joanna Craft

 Elizabeth Currer

Ann Cutting 

Ellen Dinerman

Martin Ehrich

 Michael Falzone

 Jody Fink

 Andrea Haffner

 Mary Jew-Mori

 Polly Kanazaki

 Suzanne Kustner 

Jeanne Lavieri

 Ronald Lawrenz

 Nohile L'Ecuyer

Sarah Livingstone

Douglas Louie

 Paul Martinez

 Ola May

Dawn Mendelson

 Pete Morris

 Kimberly Nicholson

 Lucia Pasquinelli

Jolana Pineda

Detra Prete

 Cathy Reichel-Clark

Ken Roussin


 Brooke Sauer

Jeannine Savedra

 Christine Schwandt

 Dilmit Singh

Ruth Shapiro

George Sonneborn

 Joseph Stoddard

Kathleen Swaydan

Gabriela Tepper

Kim Totten

Elizabeth Tucker

Yoshiko Tuttle

 Lilia Venier

 Mary Veselich

Frances Lai Wang

Soozee Van Dyke Woods

 Anthe Wosczyna

Gallery Artists

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