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Girasol Madre

187 Lowell Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024, USA


Girasol Madre, embodies the essence of positive vibes and the bright optimism of sunflowers. From sunrise to sunset, sunflowers turn their heads to follow the progress of the sun across the sky, soaking in the nourishing light. These golden blooms remind us that joy can be found–every day–in even the simplest of moments.

The color yellow, vibrant and energetic, mirrors Girasol Madre's essence. It represents her boundless enthusiasm to approach life with zest and vitality. Much like a swallowtail butterfly, she embodies transformation and the beauty that emerges from embracing change.

In the mountains of Sierra Madre, Girasol Madre reigns as a beacon of positivity and light, guiding us toward a life filled with happiness, optimism, and good vibes. Girasol Madre joins her sister scarecrows, Mariposa Madre (2021) and Kailani Madre (2022).

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