4th Annual Scarecrow Festival 2015 Award Winners

People’s Choice#56, The Great Pumpkin Patch, made by The Thomas Family, 444 North Lima
Best Child Story #71, Mr. Moustache, submitted by Faye Cardella, 96 East Alegria
Best Overall Story #45, Lookin’ For Love, submitted by Gayle Wirohtono, The Peppertree Grill, 322 West Sierra Madre Blvd.

First Annual Special Committee Award, given to a special scarecrow that stands out as being in a category all of its own:
#47, The Morrison Memorial Fireman Scarecrow, made by The Cooper Family and presented to the Morrison Family in loving memory Chris Morrison.

•    Best Traditional –  #16, Vincent Goh, made by Carmen Piro, The Peppertree Grill, 322 West Sierra Madre Blvd.
•    Cutest#3, Daisie Mae and her daughter Emma Paige, made by Judy Zavatsky, 134 W. Grandview
•    Most Creative#62, Sierra Madre Gothic, made by Heather Johnson, 220 W. Montecito
•    Most Humorous –  #83, Scarecrow has a change of heart- the saga continues, made by Greg and Sherri Terhorst, 246 East Montecito
•    Scariest#70, Gidget Goes to Hell, made by Stacey Moreland, 286 East Montecito

•    Best representation of business #69, Desdemonia by Leonora Moss, 9 Kersting Court
•    Best representation of business by a child –  #22, Mr. Rocka Roller, by Rockin’ -n- Rollin’, 380 East Montecito, #10
•    Best use of Technology#12, Fanny Floppy Disc, by foothillTek, 34 North Baldwin
•    Most Creative#11, Sylvie Madre, by The Secret Bookers, 329 West Grandview
•    Scariest#64, Queen Grimhilde, by Podley Properties, 30 North Baldwin

•    #37, Drought Fighting Flora, by Sierra Garden Club, 273 East Alegria
•    #84, Bea Alverno, by Alverno High School, 200 North Michillinda

•    Best use of Technology#2, Google Ghoul, made by Grace and Jillian McCloskey, 738 West Algeria
•    Cutest#72, Suzette, made by Kaiya and Malia Wilson, 547 West Highland
•    Most Creative #13, We haven’t got a Clue, made by Gracie Salembier, 470 West Highland
•    Most Humorous#71, Mr. Mustache, Faye Cardella,  96 East Algeria
•    Scariest#26, Witch King, made by Tristan Ashley, 108 North Baldwin
•    Best Traditional #80, Sir Andrew, Lloyd and Ashford Milne, 720 Skyland Drive

•    Best use of recycled material#6, Merman, The Cimino Family, 191 Holdman Ave.
•    Cutest#18, Come On Everybody And Do The Conga, The Kinne Family, Sierra Madre Elementary School, 141 West Highland
•    Most Creative#86, Mo’ Hawk Mo’ Scary, made by the Smith Family, 454 East Highland
•    Most Humorous#29, El Nina, made by the Keith Family, 390 West Highland
•    Scariest#57, Jack Redrum, made by the Buchan Family, 609 West Algeria