Registration for this year’s scarecrow contest is now open!  When you enter the contest, your scarecrow will be given an ID tag, a web page and a post on Creative Arts Group’s Facebook page.  Your scarecrow will be judged by a panel of scarecrow enthusiasts from Creative Arts Group and will be entered into the People’s Choice contest as well.   The People’s Choice Award is given to the scarecrow who has the most Facebook ‘Likes” and paper ballot votes.  An awards ceremony will be held on Friday, October 21st honoring the creativity of our participants.

We encourage our contestants to also write a backstory to bring the scarecrows to life even more.  The story is placed on your scarecrow’s web page and included in the Facebook post.  When registering, if you choose to include a backstory, we ask that you include your final, edited version of your story in the form below.

The contest registration is now closed.  If you have already registered and still need to send names or stories, please email as soon as you can.

Instructions and Important Dates for Scarecrow Contestants:

  • September 23rd – Deadline for entering the contest.  Fill in the form below or pick up a paper application and return to Creative Arts Group by 1pm on Sept. 23rd. (Deadline was extended from original date of 9/17)
  • September 24th –  All Scarecrows must be in place.
  • September 24th – September 30th – A photographer will be coming to take pictures of all of the scarecrows to be used on your scarecrow’s web page and Facebook post.
  • September 26th – October 1st – Pick up your ID tag at Creative Arts Group during office hours, M-F: 10-5pm, Sat. 10-2pm.
  • October 1st – All ID tags should be placed on your scarecrow.  People can use your ID tag to vote for the People’s Choice Award by scanning the QR Code on the ID Tag and clicking the Facebook “Like” button.
  • October 1stOnline map and printed Map/Ballots will be available.
  • October 1st – October 20th at noon – Voting and Judging takes place.
  • October 8th Free shuttle tour of approximately 30 residential scarecrows.  Not all participating scarecrows will be visited on the tour.  This is due to the location of the scarecrow, duration of the tour and the buses ability to navigate safely and easily.
  • October 21st Awards Ceremony, 7:00pm, at Creative Arts Group.

Please call 355-8350 or email with any questions.