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Anne Blecksmith

stretches of the Familiar/Unfamiliar

September 8- October 21 


Stretches of the familiar/unfamiliar is artist Anne Blecksmith's first solo show featuring a series of new works completed in 2023. These mostly small-scale acrylic landscapes were photographed from her car on various freeways in Los Angeles County. Although the works are modest in size, they quietly acknowledge the outsize role driving on freeways plays in our routines and their intrusive but sculptural abstraction of the natural landscape. The works explore the architecture of overpasses, underpasses, and railings as well as light, shadow, and reflection, while subtly nodding to automaticity and inattention on familiar roads. The series is also in dialog with work by artists who have inspired and influenced her practice including California artists Wayne Thiebaud and Catherine Opie. 

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